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Resting in Peace: Civil War Leaders in Cave Hill Cemetery

By: Bryan Bush

Rich in history and tradition, Cave Hill Cemetery has long been recognized as Kentucky's premier cemetery. A casual stroll down its tree-draped avenues reveals more than just rows of monuments - the tombstones represent lives with rich stories to be told and passed down through generations. A further glance at the epitaphs recorded on the monuments - like James Guthrie's, which reads, "Would you know his worth, ask his neighbor, his city, his state and his country" - makes one wonder what each person did to receive such lasting recognition.

As one of the most decisive events in the history of the United States, the Civil War pitted brothers against brothers and was an event that involved an entire nation. Louisville, Kentucky was a geographically central location during the Civil War and had many connections to both the Union and Confederacy. Cave Hill Cemetery was, therefore, an ideal place to bury both high-ranking officers and ordinary citizens. There are 6,100 Union soldiers and 228 Confederate soldiers buried in the National Cemetery, but this does not include the numerous soldiers who are buried throughout the massive grounds.

Local historian Bryan Bush has done a tremendous job documenting the lives of Civil War leaders now "Resting in Peace" in Cave Hill Cemetery. The Cave Hill Heritage Foundation is delighted to have this extraordinary collection of stories officially recorded in such a clear and easy-to-use guidebook. Visitors to Cave Hill Cemetery will enjoy and appreciate the detailed cemetery maps, photographs, and well-researched history of the cemetery's role in the Civil War. Resting in Peace: Civil War Leaders in Cave Hill Cemetery is a wonderful resource and a treasured collection of stories from the Civil War that are permanently recorded in stone

~ J. Michael Higgs, Foundation Coordinator, Cave Hill Heritage Foundation, Inc.

Cave Hill Cemetery: A Pictorial Guide and Its History – 2000

By: Samuel W. Thomas

Our new book is now available. Mr. Thomas wrote our original historical book in 1985 and it was a great success. This edition has sold out and he has updated his original version with eight new pages of history and recent changes within Cave Hill. Many new pictures have been added and the original pictures have been enhanced through computer graphics and improved printing techniques. This 132 page hardbound book contains both color and black and white photos that show Cave Hill’s 153 year development since 1848. Many of the most beautiful and ornate monuments on the graves and of over 120,000 famous and well-known people are shown in detail and their accomplishments and contributions to our city are chronicled.

The significance of the arboretum within Cave Hill is explained and we also have available our Plants of Distinction full color brochure that may be purchased in addition to the book. It includes a map showing the location of many of our beautiful trees.

Both of these publications will make great gifts for yourself or history buffs and tree lovers of your acquaintance.

Publication is sold-out.